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AYER Plantations' humble beginnings can be traced back to the plantation sector since 1907. Over the years, we have grown both in size and stature. Today, we are a plantation business with a land size of about 11,000 acres, focused mainly on cultivating oil palm and the sale of fresh fruit bunches. Using our plant breeding know-how and improved crop husbandry practices, we have also diversified into durian planting.


Kretay Estate, Terengganu

The Kretay Estate stands as an epicentre of agricultural growth in the area of Kemaman, the cultivation of oil palm is one of the many opportunities to diversify from property development, and is expected to bring synergistic benefits to the AYER Group.

Gali Estate, Pahang

Our plantation portfolio further extends in Pahang, where we are cultivating approximately 600 acres of oil palm trees and trading our fresh fruit bunches. AYER Plantations aims to grow its current crop of oil palm in the Gali Estate, which was acquired in 1965.

Gali Estate, Pahang

AYER's maiden durian planting started with durian trees cultivated in Heritage Garden which is located in Gali Estate. The durian trees planted therein consists of varieties of matured durians ranging from Musang King, IOI, D24 to Durian Kampung. AYER is venturing further in durian cultivation on a commercial scale basis.

Durian Order

At our Gali Estate in Raub, Pahang, our more than 50 year old Musang King durian trees produce premium quality Musang King durians which are creamy and bittersweet. The Gali Estate Premium Durian is available for purchase via online with same day delivery within Klang Valley.

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